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Meet Sarah…

First, a warm and sincere thank you for visiting my blog– The Cultured Fashionista! It truly means a lot to me that you have taken out the time to check out my blog. Now, let me tell you a little bit about TCF and how this blog was born..

Although I live in Houston, Texas, I am Pakistani by origin. I moved to the US to attend college in and moved to Switzerland for Graduate school. After getting married to the love of my life, I moved back to the US. Now, I share my life with my husband, Rami and our adorable four year old Maltipoo, Humphrey.

After quitting a job that I saw no potential to grow in, I decided to devote my time to finding a career that truly made me happy– (this didn’t come easy). After many months of job searches, interviews, self reflection, and a gaining a little courage (my courage mostly stemmed from realizing and accepting that it was okay to not be like everyone else, or fit in a specific box); I decided that I wanted to start a YouTube channel and a blog about fashion and travel.

Creating original content whether it’s a blog post or a YouTube video, allows me to be creative with my thoughts and interests. It encourages a dynamic, challenging and exciting environment that I imagine an ‘ideal’ career to be.

Outside of this blog, you can find me day dreaming about where my next vacation will be (yes, I absolutely LOVE to travel and have visited 29 countires), researching new beauty and fashion trends, reading thought provoking literature (mainly, philosophical books), planning my dream home on Pinterest and immersing myself into anything and everything that puts me out of my comfort zone (in other words, collecting experiences).

I truly hope that you enjoy my blog. I only post stuff that I love or that I feel you will enjoy or find beneficial. Please share your thoughts with me and with your friends (if you like what I’m doing). It would make me really happy! 

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