Image of Pink | The Cultured Fashionista | Pink Zara DressImage of Pink | The Cultured Fashionista | Pink Zara Dress

As much as resisted, pink is fast becoming one of my favorite colors to wear. Bags, shoes, dresses, whatever, I’m obsessed! I actually just learnt that millennial pink is an actual color. Who would’ve thought?! Millennial pink is such a pretty shade. As I’m writing this post, I’m thinking that I should own something in that exact color — seeing that I am a millennial and all.  It’s funny because I’m literally writing this on the plane to San Francisco for my niece’s high school graduation, and let me tell you, I am not feeling like a millennial today. View Post

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Image of winter blues | The Cultured Fashionista | Winter Outfit Ideas

This is not your typical winter blues post. In fact, I am only speaking about the color of my clothing when I mention winter blues. When winter rolls around in Houston, if it ever does, I am happy and excited, rather than sad and depressed. Mostly, because I finally get to wear and enjoy the clothes that I’ve bought six months in advance. Do any of you also buy winter clothes around…August? I know, I definitely get a little a head of myself but I cant help it! Winter is my favorite season!  View Post

Light Layers

Light Layers

Image of Club Monaco | Light Layers | Outfit Inspiration | The Cultured Fashionista

If you’re living in Houston, you know how much the weather fluctuates. This year has been another mild winter with a handful of extremely cold days. However, I have not been in Houston to experience the intense cold. As a result, I’ve been living in light layers.  View Post

Gold Sequin Romper

Image of Gold Sequin Romper | The Cultured Fashionista | New Years Outfit InspirationImage of Gold Sequin Romper | The Cultured Fashionista | New Years Outfit Inspiration | Bulgari Handbag

Hello Friends! It’s been a while since I spoke to you all last. I’m in Karachi, Pakistan visiting my family. Its been three years since I last visited and I have a lot of family time to catch up on. Well, I’m mainly here to spend time with my grandmother. I have been dangerously jet lagged since we got here on Friday. There is an 11 hour time difference between Houston and Karachi and I have literally been sleeping, eating and spending time with my family. I sometimes forget how awesome it is to be at home. This is the most relaxing vacation we have taken in a loooong time. We’re here till Sunday and then it’s back to the grind!  View Post